Mt Rainier Half Marathon

Turn your Passion into Purpose with a Charity Bib


Join our team of runners/walkers/joggers and conquer the Mt. Rainier Half Marathon


Make your miles count by using your FREE race entry to raise funds for

Rainier Foothills Wellness Foundation



 July 14-15, 2023  |   Ashford, WA   |  13.1 mile Half Marathon




Train on your own or join our running community. However you log the miles, be sure your friends and family log in to your personal fundraising page. Donations received through Charity Bibs support RFWF and keep our programs running (haha, see what we did there?)


The miles you put in will hurt a lot less when you know they are creating healing in the Rainier Foothills communities. In-school mental health, hunger support for youth and seniors and vital healthcare access. Your Charity Bib makes it all possible.


Simply register at the link below then let us know you’re on our team. We will connect you with fundraising tools and group training info. Thank you for running for our neighbors in need!





How does a charity bib work?
A charity bib is a free entry into the Mt Rainier Half Marathon in exchange for helping raise awareness and funds for our organization.

Once you register for a charity bib, you will be automatically prompted to set up a fundraising page through Wander Project’s peer-to-peer fundraising platform. From here, Wander Project will give you the tools and resources needed to engage your friends and family in your fundraising efforts to support OUR MISSION. This means you’ll have support from Wander Project every step of your fundraising process!

Fundraising commitment is $1,000 for the Half Marathon or $1,250 for the Sasquatch Double (Half Marathon AND 5k). Please understand that by signing up for a charity bib, you are making a serious commitment to raise the amount you agreed to. If you are not able to meet the minimum fundraising amount by the week of the race, you will be required to pay the difference. All donations are final.

We look forward to running through Mt. Rainier National Park with you in July 2023.  Let’s turn our passions into purpose and make a difference in our community!