Road to a Violence Free Community



Domestic violence, also known as domestic abuse, can be defined as a pattern of controlling behavior over an intimate partner. It has many forms, including physical, sexual, emotional, psychological or financial, and crosses all racial, age, economic and social groups.

  • One in four high school students report being abused by a dating partner.
  • Costs of medical and mental health care due to domestic violence exceed $5.8 billion each year in the United States.
  • One-third of all police calls are in response to domestic violence disturbance.

About the Violence Prevention Task Force

In 2008, RFWF held its 2nd Health Summit to refine the community needs and move into action to address the most significant issues identified as areas of concern across the plateau. In 2010, RFWF in partnership with Franciscan Health System developed a steering committee of community leaders and formed the Rainier Foothills Community Health Network.  Task forces formed with local volunteers which included a Violence Prevention Task Force.

For the past five year, the task force has provided awareness for Domestic Violence Awareness month (October) and participated in some community campaigns such as National Night Out and Rachel’s Challenge. Most recently, the group completed a strategic framework process in December 2015, and recruited more volunteers to be a part of building an infrastructure with resources for those in immediate need due to a domestic violence situation. The group has identified 4 population  groups:
  1. Birth – 12 years old
  2. Youth and youth in transition
  3. Adults
  4. Seniors

Each group has been identified with root causes surrounding the age group and local conditions have been identified as to why it is happening here in our community.

Over the next couple months, the task force will work collaboratively with other local agencies and RFWF task force groups to put the action plan in place. Changes will occur, resources will increase and the proper people will be informed. Although we know resistance and challenges will be a part of this process, we are eager to engage the right key leaders to work towards reducing violence in our community.

To be a part of the Community Violence Prevention Task Force contact René Popke at


Silent Witness Story

These figures, called Silent Witnesses, were created in Minnesota as a result of 26 women killed in one year due to domestic violence. Each Silent Witness represents a victim (female, male, child, or teen) who lost their life due to domestic violence and can no longer speak for themselves. Each silhouette tells the story of that victim. In 2014, Washington State had 44 deaths related to domestic violence. From 1997-2014, Washington DV deaths totaled 989. In King County alone there were 5 deaths in 2014, and between 1997-2014 the deaths totaled 256.