Hunger on the Plateau is a real thing!  No child should go a weekend without food. No senior should have to make a choice between paying a bill or buying groceries. No veteran should be deprived. No grandparent raising a grandchild should feel like they cannot provide for the next generation of their family.  RFWF is helping fight hunger across the Plateau to reach all who are in need of food.

Senior Hot Meals

Neighbors Feeding Neighbors
Neighbors Feeding Neighbors

Whether it is a temporary need or long-term, the hot meal delivery program is designed to fill the gap of hunger for seniors, veterans,  disabled and those in need of a hot, nutritious meal. The meals are prepared fresh daily and have even been described as “just like mom’s home cooking!” Meals are delivered Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with an optional boxed lunch for the next day. Meals are created around dietary needs ensuring clients receive a healthy, well-balanced meal based on nutritional needs.


Our home-delivered meal service also serves as a welfare check, giving you and your loved ones the peace of mind knowing that we will be there to make sure a healthy meal is delivered and the clients are cared for.  This is a great program for adults trying to take care of their elderly parents who are not able to tend to their basic needs on a daily basis.  Senior Hot Meals will help fill that gap.

To start service or to find out more about the Hot Meal Deliver program, please call our office at 360.802.3206.