Giving Programs

Since 1982, generous and caring people have given more than $3,000,000 to the Rainier Foothills Wellness Foundation to help so many area residents in so many ways.

For many of us, Planned Giving provides a wonderful way to make significant contribution to our favorite charity, and, at the same time, creates a tax benefit or life income for our family or ourselves. No other method of giving is as personalized or meaningful to an individual or organization as a planned gift: it allows us the opportunity to impact the future today, while leaving our legacy for tomorrow.

Estate Plan contributions are wonderful ways to support the work of the Foundation. Donors may make bequests from their estates by naming the Rainier Foothills Wellness Foundation:

  • Beneficiary of your will
  • Beneficiary of a life insurance policy.
  • Owner of a life insurance policy
  • Beneficiary of a life estate contract
  • Beneficiary of a trust
  • Beneficiary of a Charitable Trust (i.e., Remainder Trust, Lead Trust, etc.)

Tribute Gifts are a lasting remembrance and memorial of a special person who has touched our lives. Donors create these gifts as expressions of friendship, love, admiration or sympathy. These gifts may be designated to a particular area of interest. Where the individual has not designated a specific purpose for his or her gift, it is used to meet the communities’ most urgent needs.

Cash Gifts can be currency, checks, money orders, and even credit cards. We encourage checks or credit cards for your records. We discourage sending cash through the mail. No matter how the gift is received, a letter of receipt will be provided for your tax files.

Pledges are a promise to give, and the advantage is that you receive immediate recognition, but make payments over two or three years. Pledges may be paid through automatic debit banking and, in some cases, payroll deduction.

Matching Gifts. Some companies match the donations of their employees with a corporate gift. Usually, the company provides a form to give to our Foundation at the time of your donation. We endorse and return the form, and the company sends us a matching contribution. For recognition purposes, we credit gifts to the employee unless otherwise informed.

Property. Both commercial and residential real estate can be donated. In fact, gifts of residential real estate may be designed to allow you and your spouse to occupy the property during your lifetime, while reaping immediate and substantial tax benefits.

Stocks and Bonds. Many people contribute appreciated assets rather than cash because they receive the same tax deduction, but avoid capital gains and transfer fees. Stocks, bonds, and other such assets make excellent gifts to our foundation, especially if they have increased in value since acquired. Current market value may be used as a tax deduction without incurring capital gains.

The United Way. Every year, we receive significant support from members of our communities who contribute to the United Way and designate Rainier Foothills Wellness Foundation as the recipients of funding.

Corporations, Service Clubs and Community Groups give crucial help in the major areas of need served by the Foundation. Their support of gifts, time and effort is so crucial in making healthier – and better- communities.

Annual Giving is simply the giving to the Foundation on a regular yearly basis. No matter how much you wish to contribute, a valuable aspect of Annual Giving is that it allows the Foundation to plan its annual plan to disburse funds in advance of the receipt of your yearly gift.

No matter which method works best with your personal situation, the professional staff at the Rainier Foothills Wellness Foundation stand ready to help you in the process of making an appropriate and satisfying gift.